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Daimler plugged by Statkraft into 100% renewable energy

Press Release

In Germany, Statkraft has concluded a 100% green procurement deal for commercial energy users, which involves the car manufacturer Daimler as the first big client.

The deal, executed by Daimler’s Enovos energy supplier, will provide clean electricity for all car-manufacturing facilities in Germany, with such a large share of the heat produced by local wind and solar power energy projects.

In its German hydroelectric power facilities, Statkraft generates the remaining quantities by itself. Incorporating wind and solar power with hydroelectric power guarantees the production of electricity from renewable sources, concurrently with consumption, Statkraft said.

The wind energy must come from power stations provided after 2020 by the Renewable Energy Sources Act. Solar power will be generated through the construction of non-subsidized facilities.

Statkraft Chief Executive Officer Christian Rynning Tonnesen responded by saying: “Green electricity can only be generated with lots of flexibility, precisely when deemed necessary.

The highly variable power generation from winds and solar is complemented by our flexible hydroelectric power plants, such that a 100% renewable energy supply is always guaranteed.

“We are pleased to deliver this revolutionary idea to an excellent industrial organization, a strategy that lowers carbon emissions and makes it possible to achieve the goals of Daimler. Enovos, which has the power supply contract with Daimler, is responsible for the complete energy management process, which includes physical delivery, group management balance, accounting, grid utilization, consumption projections, and green power hedging. This blend of size and infrastructure is unique in Germany up until now.

Daimler’s proven “market-based and tested supply-and distribution model” will be able to source 100% renewable energy, says Statkraft.  According to Statkraft, Daimler’s market-oriented procurement and supply system will be able to sustain itself and hence supply 100% environmentally friendly electricity.

Enovos CEO Anke Langner stated: “We at Enovos are delighted that with our know-how and long-standing client relationships, we make a substantial contribution towards this supply.” Daimler, Enovos, and Statkraft put into place a carbon-dioxide-neutral power generation for German Mercedes-Benz automotive companies in late 2018. “We believe it’s going to have a significant effect on the whole market for Green Power.

The energy purchase deal allows the company to buy energy from Germany’s wind farms directly. The EEG had so far assured a fixed subsidized payment for electricity produced by wind farm facilities.

Approximately 6000 German wind generators will earn this subsidy from 1st January 2021. Power purchase arrangements can guarantee the continuity of operations of these plants.

John King