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Mahomes Tech Interview Why Has This Web Hosting Company Become A Leader

Mahomes Tech which provides a web hosting service and Digital Marketing Service for small business owners has caused huge excitement in the world of web hosting. The company which takes on the big boys by providing all the same services but for a lot less has become one of the best web hosting companies of 2020.

Featuring excellent customer service, Mahomes Tech provide a range of web hosting services which include shared, dedicated, VPS, and Cloud hosting. They also provide Digital Marketing services that help business owners increase traffic, brand, and revnue.

Since being launched, the company which has become one of the most recommended of 2020 has gone from strength to strength. So, we decided to speak to the founder of Mahomes Tech to learn more about the company

Mahomes Tech is a new exciting Web & App Development company, but why did you decide to start Mahomes Tech?

I also found development interesting. I used to develop a lot of different things for fun. I loved having some abstract idea and being able to bring it to physical form. It was a form of creative expression for me. A couple of my friends began asking me for help and advice on projects that required expertise. I realized that I had an extremely valuable skill, and I could make a business out of it. I particularly wanted to provide affordable service for socioeconomically disadvantaged entrepreneurs. At that point my passion met my purpose. Out of this combination Mahomes Tech was born.

With all the thousands of Development companies out there, why does your company stand out?
Mahomes Tech is a development company, but we offer much more than that. Our goal is to make sure you have a successful business, not just a functional platform. We really aim to bring your vision to life. We want the project to be aligned with your brand. We consider scalability and digital marketing strategy. After the project is done we do lifetime check ins to make sure everything’s smooth. As we become more proficient we enhance our clients projects. We want to see every single one of our clients thrive in their entrepreneurial endeavor. We give our all to make sure this is possible. We don’t view our clients as customers. We view them as family.

What type of business should use websites and apps?
In today’s economy every business. Technology has taken over the world, and business is no different. Having a website or an app enables users to reach customers all over the world. In order to increase efficiency and be competitive these are required. For a business to continue reaching their goals it’s important to have high quality development. The age of brick and mortar has come and gone. We now live in the age of technology.

With WordPress and Joomla being two popular website platforms, which one would you recommend for a small business owner just starting out?

I would not recommend either sites for someone who is serious about their business. If I had to choose I’d say WordPress because it’s more user friendly. Prioritizing what’s important for your business is vital for new entrepreneurs. You should leave development to experts to ensure you have a high quality product. Cyber attacks are at an all time high. This poses a huge threat to consumers. As specialists in the field we have expertise to keep you safe and your customers safe.

If a business owner wanted to increase their website traffic, is this something your company could offer?

Yes we offer digital marketing, branding, and campaign management services. We understand that these are vital components to having a successful business. We tailor our strategy to fit the unique needs of our client. A service can be fantastic, but if there isn’t proper marketing then it won’t be successful. We don’t want successful projects, we want successful businesses.

A lot of people are confused about social media, is social media really that important and if so, which social media is the more important one?

Yes social media is really that important. There are billions of social media users all across the world. It has connecting people in such a way that has never been seen before. Along with social media’s popularity came influence. Social media dramatically impacts consumer behavior. They are also arguably the most efficient way to build your brand today. I think the most important social media depends on the type of business you have. There tends to be different demographics more active on some than others. Depending on the service and target demographic will determine the most important social media.

Your prices for Development are very low, how do you manage to keep them so low?

To stay true to our mission. Mahomes Tech is a labor of love. We want to provide services to entrepreneurs who can’t afford high cost development. We offer many new options for our clients as they earn more profit. In order for a business to grow they need our services. We don’t have to make millions. As long as we’re profitable, and provide a high quality service we’re good.

What type of websites can you build?

We can build any type of website you can imagine. We have a team of highly trained and experienced developers. We have extensive experience developing hundreds of website types. Our most popular type is e-commerce. This is largely due to business shifting to online platforms. Some other popular websites are blogs, magazines, portfolios, directories, e-learning, and the list goes on.

The best website hosting company of 2020 continues to roll out new services and have a reputation of keeping their prices down by passing on savings to the customer. To learn why Mahomes Tech has become one of the best web hosting companies currently available, and why more people are transferring from big-name brands to them, please visit

About Mahomes Tech

Machomes Tech is an exciting low-cost website hosting company that has become one of the most recommended of 2020. They provide powerful web hosting services at low prices.