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Enjoy Betting on any Sport on any Platform with Sbobet

Press Release

For Immediate Release: If you’re a sports fan, you may have heard of Sbobet sometime in the last decade. They’ve sponsored their fair share of football teams and have even set up betting partnerships with five Premier League teams. If you haven’t, and if you enjoy sports betting, you may want to check out their online betting platform.

Sbobet’s online betting platform is called It’s a pretty simple online gambling site with support for nearly a hundred languages. This makes it easy for anyone to register and start betting on their favorite sports. The best part about Sbobet is that it allows you to compete using any platform. You can compete through your computer’s browser or through Sbobet’s mobile app, available on both iOS and Android. Betting on Sbobet is even available through the WAP protocol.

The service is available 24 hours and allows betting on all types of sports, including football, basketball, volleyball, boxing, horse-racing, etc. In total, there are about 28 types of sports available to bet on. Within this roster, you can also bet on video game tournaments including DOTA 2. It also includes an online casino with slot games.

While users may be uncomfortable when betting on their favorite sport through a new website, Sbobet has experience in this field. The site was launched more than 10 years ago, and it has compiled a decade of experience in its belt. There are clear controls in place to deposit, withdraw, and place bets, without any glitches. There are also various channels in place so that you can get in touch with customer reps if need be.

You must register with a betting agency before using Sbobet’s services. This is because while Sbobet allows you to bet on various sports games, it doesn’t control private access channels. Registering with a betting agency will allow you to take control of a betting channel that offers 24/7 access. Not having this advantage can lead to interruptions and connection problems in the middle of a game.

The procedure to contact Sbobet online is to send a message through their LINE handle @SBO360. You can also call Sbobet directly through your phone at 0634648867-69. The request will be met with a request for a deposit to add to your account.

Betting on Sbobet can start with as little as 200 baht. That comes out to a little over $6.60. That is very little when you consider you need much more money to open bank accounts at certain places. You will have to give your bank details to the customer rep for this part.

A great perk for new users is that they’ll receive a 100% bonus for the deposit they’ve made. You will also get a recharge bonus of 5% every single day. There is also a provision to award you 125 points every time you pocket 10,000 baht. You can even redeem these points for rewards, including an iPhone.

After you’ve given the customer rep details to make a deposit, you’ll have to wait for a username and password.

The WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) version of the Sbobet betting platform is the best version for experts. It’s a bare-bone set up that allows you to access the basic information needed to bet on a game. Once you’ve logged onto your account, you’ll be presented with information about currently occurring games in your choice of sport. You’ll also be informed with various symbols which part of the game is currently going on (e.g., 1H 42’ for 42 minutes in to the first half of a football game). You’ll also be shown the odds for betting on every game.

While this information is great for experts and allows quick betting, it’s not an ideal setup for beginners. First-time users should consider using the desktop version.

For the desktop version, you’ll see a full-fledged interface for sports betting come to life. The desktop version has access to a lot of options that the WAP version doesn’t. This includes betting on special contests like who’s going to win at Britain’s Got Talent, or at the Oscars. There are even bets accepted on the winner of the Miss Universe Pageant.

You can also access the platform through the mobile website. It even has 2 factor authentication enabled for extra security. It supports using a pattern to unlock the account for a user. The Mobile app allows full functionality and gives the user greater control over the interface through multi-touch.

Sbobet gives its users all sorts of options to bet on all types of sports. It also has a very low threshold so that most users can participate in sports gambling. If you’re looking to start betting on sports soon, choosing Sbobet may just be the best way to begin.

About the Company

SBOBET is an online sports-betting platform based in Asia. The platform allows betting on sports such as Football, and Cycling. It even supports an online casino experience. It has sponsored teams like West Ham United and Cardiff City. It has also set up betting partnership agreements with five Premier League Teams.

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