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Molecules of our body can also store data

Press Release

Researchers have designed different mixtures of metabolites that are able to recreate the binary system, which can recreate images. In one example, on a plate the size of a phone, they could recreate the image of a cat.

A team of researchers at Brown University have been testing whether different molecules can be used to store information. Now, they have created different mixtures of metabolites, which can contain sugars and amino acids, and could potentially recreate the binary code.

Low error rate

The researchers used mixtures of 6 different metabolites to create different images. Using robotics, they would drop drops on a surface, with a total of 1,024 drops encoding information that could represent whether each one of the six metabolites were present or not. The researchers then used a spectrometer that could find out the content of each drop and reduced the error rate to around 2%. After the whole process was completed, a full image could be restored.