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Which Electric Car can compete with Tesla in the United States?

Press Release

The advocates of EV each year claim that Americans find electric vehicles in large numbers, as well as cats and dogs, are being evil. The projections were buried in 2019, again. The shipments of single battery EVs have grown by about 20 percent to close to 253,000 vehicles (not including log-in sedans). The concern is that for a historic fifth straight year, it was still smaller than 1.5 % in the $462 billion latest vehicle industry that drew over 17 million customers.

The 253,000 vehicles are marketing EV in their every-day fashion. But the volume of bright car manufacturers masked possible storms away. The Tesla Model 3 that was still the most popular sports car of all sorts, was used by more than 150 000 of these customers. If Tesla’s success was not enough, a small SUV that Elon Musk considers himself is Tesla’s most popular model has shocked various observers by pushing its expected development launch to summer. And no electrical competitor made a significant move to the business in 2019. $76,000 e-Tron SUV has been the best Audi has ever done, with 5,600 purchases. Smart driving.


John King