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Latest Technologies in Pillows (cooling technology, memory fiber, anti-allergy, 3 in 1 pillow)

Press Release

Technology has advanced for pillows recently. Here are three of the most interesting developments in pillow technology that have produced significant improvements. 

Cooling technology: 

Based on a technology created by NASA to regulate the body temperature in relation to fabric, this latest cooling bedding technology helps reduce tossing and turning during the night and moderates night sweats.

Since the body regulates its temperature by its extremities, mainly by the head and feet, the cooling pillow helps improve sleep, especially for those suffering from night sweats. Sleep is much better with a refreshing pillow, since the cool fabric also relieves headaches and neck pain.

It is also possible to use the cooling pillow as a cushion for other parts of the body to benefit from its analgesic and decongestant properties. For example, the refreshing pillow can bring real relief for heavy legs.

Memory fiber pillows: 

As with a memory foam pillow, a memory fiber pillow will mold to the head and neck, and consequently relax the neck muscles and provide good support. This technology is recommended especially for those suffering from neck pain. Memory fiber pillows have the advantage of being less expensive and more adjustable than a regular pillow and therefore useful for any sleeping preference.

Anti-allergy pillow: 

The hypoallergenic pillow can be a relief to those who suffer from indoor allergies. Thanks to recent research, the filling material has evolved and it is now possible to regularly wash and dry these pillows at high temperatures (up to 120 degree) in order to kill the germs and bacteria that can aggravate an allergy.

Indeed, according to the Asthma and Allergies Foundation of America, dust mites may cause “nasal or skin allergy symptoms,” such as sneezing, itchy eyes, eczema or sinus issues. If a pillow is described as anti-allergy and certified by AAFA, it means that this product has been treated and tested to be better suited for those with asthma and allergies,” for example to prevent mites and protect against other allergens.

This is why Downlite, keenly aware of the improvements in research and technology, offers several types of pillows certified by AAFA.

3 in 1 pillow: 

This pillow is the result of the continuing innovation in the pillow field and combines many of the advantages and characteristics described above. The 3 in 1 pillow combines six technologies: for support and comfort, this pillow has the FlexSupport construction with the Adaptiv fiberfill; for the regulation of body temperature it has the ClimaSmart XP fiberfill and the Climat Smart fabric; and for the hypoallergenic, this pillow has moisture wicking technology and an antimicrobial treatment.  This pillow has been created to satisfy all types of sleepers, including those who prefer to sleep without animal products. This pillow is also adjustable and can provide comfort in three different thicknesses; it is also separable, i.e., detachable into several parts.

Sleep is essential for good health. Be sure to stay abreast of recent developments in technology like these to maximize your health and immune system.

John King