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Astro, the four-legged robot that behaves like a real dog

Press Release

Robots are advancing faster and faster. Now, we even have robots that can imitate dogs and follow commands such as sit, lie down and stand. In the future, it is hoped that robot dogs will be able to be of major assistance to policemen and the blind.

A new robot devised from researchers from Florida Atlantic University have unveiled a new robot dog that combines new advances in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning that allow it to discover and learn about the world all on its own. This makes it different from another robot dog called Spot from the popular company Boston Dynamics.

This new robot – named Astro – was the product of two different teams, one who was responsible for the robotic side and one with an expertise in AI and neuroscience.

What’s in the brain?

The robotic dog has numerous sensors to help it interact with the world, with cameras, microphones and radar. It has a total computational power of four teraflops, generated from two high-end Nvidia Jetson TX2’s. And while the dog already understands basic commands, it’s the goal of the researchers to get the dog to do more complicated tasks including understanding gestures, different languages and more. Once (if?) it gets to that point, it’s easy to see how it would come in extremely useful in a whole range in a lot of different situations.