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IBM invents warshipping to hack Wi-Fi networks

Press Release

A new way to hack a Wi-Fi network has been invented by researchers at IBM, which could prove to be a major danger in the future. 

A new hacking technique called “warshipping” involves sending a package to a victim, which may be something completely innocuous (a small child’s toy, for example) which has electronics inside that allows the hacker to interfere with a wifi network. This is different to a previous hacking technique that has existed for several years called wardriving, which involves driving around and picking up wifi signals from the road.

How does the device work?

Within the package sent to the victim would be a simple single-board computer similar to the Raspberry Pi, which has a wifi module. Such tools are extremely cheap and can run on batteries alone. According to the researchers, something like this can be brought for well under $100. Once you’ve put it together, send it to the victim. Then the device will be able to intercept traffic and send information to a server controlled by a hacker.

Anabella Greene