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Press Release


[Washington D.C], February 12 — Today, people seek to know the proofs of the universality of the flood, Noah’s building of the Ark for 100 years with his three children, the Hydro-dynamics of the flood, the complete physics of the Arks designs and the mathematical evaluation of the total number of days from the first day of the deluge till the last day of disembarking from the Ark. This book contains complete analysis of the curse of Canaan and how it is never related to the Black race. However, the Tower of Babel is well highlighted with regards to modern days discovered Ziggurats with respect to several idolatrous motives and the nodal points of these temples. The Ziggurats and Mesopotamia landscape including five cities identified [Rehoboth-Ir, Calah, Resen, Nineveh, Babel] proved the rare instances of Nimrod’s dominance and evil conquest of a despot king. This new book from Sterling Glory Publishing is a research work of scholarship designed to elucidate concithe book of Genesis in a simplified way. 


The author has divided the book into five stages: Etymology of Noah and other people bearing the name Noah; Nimrod’s identity and pseudo-contestants in history striving to fit into the mode of the king, the flood analysis/ rain and rainbow colour covenant excursus/Peleg’s division as either linguistic or tectonic plate drift proven from the scriptures; Edenic and Babel tongue judgment; Origin of the Nations rooted in Noah’s Sons. Hands-on commendation and citations including Hebrew extracts from the Bible to authenticate the source of certainty from an author, you’ll understand intellectual teaching from a seasoned bible teacher, all doubts are trashed with historical proves and interpretations of dates and data, mathematical dissolution of the Sumerian kings list mythical long reign by number base standard, a comprehensive insight into the convolution of the Ancient lifestyle and how to understand it in the light of today’s reasoning.

John King