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Automotive Piston System Market Size, Share, Business Stats, Growth perspective and Forecast 2025

Press Release

Automotive Piston System Market is valued at USD 11,833.17 Million in 2017 and expected to reach USD 16,561.86 Million by 2024 with the CAGR of 4.92% over the forecast period. The increasing demand lightweight pistons in automobile sector is the key driving factor of Automotive Piston Market.

Automotive Piston system market report published by the Brandessence Market Research and Consulting Pvt. Ltd. provides the detail information about Automotive Piston System market from various aspects. This report consists of drivers, challenges and opportunities which help the market to grow over the analysis period and recent trends which supports the growth of market. This report consists of regional segmentation with product type and applications.

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Market Key players:

Key Players of Automotive Piston System Market are like Rheinmetall AG, Aisin-Seiki Co. Ltd., Mahle GmbH, Federal-Mogul Corporation, Hitachi Ltd., Capricorn Automotive, Day Piston, Celina Aluminum Precision Technology, Cheng Shing Piston, JE Pistons and others.

The Automotive piston system is mainly based on the piston which is an essential part of combustion engine of a vehicle and its demand is directly proportional to the demand of automobiles. The piston is used to transfer the force that is created from compressed gas in the cylinder to the crankshaft which in turn powers the vehicle to move. It is situated in the cylinder and moves according to the force of compressed gas and this gas is created in the cylinder due to ignition of fuel. It consists of piston ring which restricts the leakage of gas. It is one of the main components which works in an engine to produce power for the vehicle to move.

Automotive Piston System Market Segmentation 

By Material: (Steel, Aluminum)

By type: (Trunk piston, Crosshead piston, Slipper piston, Deflector piston)

By Coating: (Thermal barrier coating piston, Dry film lubricating coating piston, Oil shedding coating piston)

By vehicles type: (Two-wheeler, Three-wheeler, Four-wheeler, Heavy commercial vehicle)

Market Analysis

One of the driving factors of automotive piston system market is the growing sale of various vehicles like two wheelers, four wheelers etc. in developing countries like India, China, Brazil, South Africa. The demand of vehicles automatically increases the demand of more efficient piston which in turn drives this market. Also, due to increase in fuel cost, the automobile sector is in constant research of efficient fuel consumption, which in turn demands the piston market to produce more light weighted pistons. Increasing interest on electric vehicle, search for clear energy, concern of environmental pollution due to gas emission and search for alternative of piston are the road blocks of this market. Another restraint is downsizing the engine by using turbocharger instead of piston.

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Increasing use of double cylinder engines instead of single cylinder in two wheelers is responsible for this market to grow further particularly in the high-end bike segments in forecast period. The two-cylinder engine use two pistons comparing to the single cylinder where only one piston is used.